Rose Park Community


  • East-Interstate 15
  • West-Redwood Road
  • South-600 North
  • North-City Limits

Community Council Schedule:

First Wednesday of the month -Riverside Library 1575 West 1000 North6:30 p.m.(No meeting in July and August)

Community Council Chair:



The neighborhood is one of the most religiously and ethnically diverse areas of Utah From the rich stories of elderly German couples who escaped Nazi Germany, to the festive Latin celebrations, the neighborhood is steeped in culture. The most recent data shows residents in the neighborhood are 53% Caucasian/European 37% Hispanic 4% African American and 2% Polynesian and 4% other/unspecified. This information supports a trend seen in the real estate industry of young professionals of primarily European descent purchasing homes in the area. The same trend was observed in nearby Sugarhouse in the late 1990s as individuals not willing to commute for long hours sought out affordable housing near the Salt Lake's city center.

Walkable Neighborhood

Rose Park benefits from an active community council. The Rose Park Community Council is made up of an elected body of volunteers who serve the interests of Rose Park and the community. The purpose of this council is to provide community input and information to various city departments. Community councils are encouraged to make recommendations to the city on all matters affecting the city or each organization's particular community or neighborhood. The council holds a monthly meeting, to which the public is encouraged to attend, the first Wednesday of each month, at 6:30pm, in the Day Riverside Library (located at 1105 W. 1000 North).

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