YouthWorks™ is a community-based program that assists youth ages 14-18 in a pre-employment training and life skills building environment. Within this environment, the youth have a wide array of experiences in which to practice the skills they learn - everything from drug and alcohol prevention to healthy family life styles, and from resume writing to community service. While youth learn these skills and give back to the community, they earn a bi-monthly stipend of $200 when required amount of hours is complete.
YouthWorks™ provides skill development in two areas:

  • Life skills development - resistance strategies, problem solving, conflict resolution, decision making, communication, goal setting, planning and implementation, team building, positive peer interaction.
  • Employment skills development - project assessment, planning, development and implementation, cost breakdowns, budgeting, time management and organization, resume writing, public speaking and computer training.

Youth participate daily through real work experiences that contribute to the revitalization and beautification of the community. Projects include concrete, rough framing, finish carpentry, painting, landscaping, art murals, fence building, event set-up, clean-up and fundraising.

The YouthWorks™ program serves to "Do No Harm" and provides opportunities to emerging youth who need positive support in the community, at school, with family and wit h peers. The program is designed for youth who are overcoming substance use, gang involvement, court recidivism, school failure and negative family and peer relations.

YouthWorks Program Objectives and Outcomes:

  • 90% school attendance and passing grades
  • Terminate court involvement
  • Increased pro-social alternative activities
  • Increase drug and alcohol awareness
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If you have questions about the program, contact YouthWorks™ Salt Lake Director Jenn Sanchez at (801) 539-1590 ext. 122 or 

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