Real Estate Development

NeighborWorks® Salt Lake provides new and rehabilitated housing units for a mixed income population increasing the number of owner-occupied units in its service areas. New and rehabilitated housing serves as a foundation and catalyst for neighborhood revitalization and increased stability.

Reinvestment Statistics

Since 1977, NeighborWorks® Salt Lake has:

  • Developed more than 25 acres of blighted land.
  • Constructed 214 new homes.
  • Rehabilitated more than 500 homes.
  • Produced a 155-unit multifamily apartment complex.
  • Secured approximately 5 acres for future development.
  • Facilitated millions of dollars for construction and economic development.

Development Goals

  • Acquire vacant land and buildings as a strategy of controlled development.
  • Identify and evaluate potential housing development.
  • Market developments through signage, real estate relationships, the NeighborWorks® Salt Lake website, and community outreach.
  • Provide attractive, affordable housing in a variety of types, sizes, and styles.
  • Promote architecture that complements the neighborhood.
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Feature Developments

Argyle Court

Argyle Court Recipient of the Envision Utah Governor’s Quality Growth Award for Excellence in Implementation of a Quality
argylecourtArgyle Court (640 West 300 North) was originally developed between 1915-1925 as a small subdivision of eighteen bungalows. Over the years, investors bought many of the properties but did not maintain them. As a result, the rental homes began to deteriorate and eventually became uninhabitable with tenants living in deplorable conditions. Many houses were boarded-up, graffiti-covered havens for crime, and were inhabited by transient populations. The area was a major source of blight in the Guadalupe neighborhood.

When NeighborWorks® Salt Lake relocated to Salt Lake City’s Fairpark area in 1990 to serve its third neighborhood, the residents were concerned with the run-down areas of the community and identified the Guadalupe neighborhood as a priority. The residents believed the high crime and dilapidated rentals on Argyle Court needed to be addressed in order to make a positive impact on the community.
From 1990 to 1995, NeighborWorks® Salt Lake purchased most of the properties through bankruptcy sales then purchased the remaining properties from individuals. The existing homes were substandard, with no running water or electricity. The structures were not salvageable, so the properties were razed to make room for a new development of mixed-income, single-family dwellings.

Community meetings were held to discuss the type of design and development desired by Fairpark residents. The residents identified design elements from existing homes in the Fairpark community that they wanted to include in the Argyle designs, such as front porches, high-pitched roofs, and rear or detached garages. NeighborWorks® Salt Lake and the community agreed that the development should be mixed-income because the Fairpark community was over represented with low-income housing. Based on input from the community, the design and subdivision plans were finalized – a process that took about twelve months to complete.

The next challenge was finding a developer willing to build in a neighborhood with a negative reputation. Unable to secure a Salt Lake builder, NeighborWorks® Salt Lake convinced a custom homebuilder from Utah County to take on the construction project. NeighborWorks® Salt Lake broke ground in mid-1996 and completed the project in 1998.

The new homes were designed to blend in with the neighborhood’s existing homes while providing amenities expected by today’s homeowner. Twelve lots were created in place of the original eighteen, and the new lots measure about 54’x75’. The homes are approximately 1600 square feet, with each model varying from the others. Each homes has three bedrooms, 2½ baths, double-pane windows, central air conditioning, 2”x6” exterior wall construction for thick insulation, and a two-car attached garage. Using a design concept with a vision of creating a friendly, inviting atmosphere, all garages are located at the back of the property and the homes’ wide porches face the street.

Argyle Court was Salt Lake’s first mixed-income development. To ensure successful homeownership and neighborhood stability, homeowners participated in NeighborWorks® Salt Lake's First-Time Homebuyer education courses. The courses provide pre- and post-purchase counseling on topics such as debt, money management, banking, closing documents, and home maintenance.

The successful development of twelve homes at Argyle Court has created a wonderful foundation for future mixed-income neighborhoods and has established spacious housing for Salt Lake City’s Westside community.