Murray Office

Murray City has taken an important step in addressing housing needs identified in the Housing Market Analysis adopted by the City Council in the spring of 2009 by partnering with NeighborWorks® Salt Lake. NeighborWorks® Salt Lake has established a Murray office to work in collaboration with the City and Redevelopment Agency of Murray to provide additional housing services to the residents of Murray and to facilitate neighborhood revitalization in the community.

"I'm thrilled that NeighborWorks Salt Lake is now in Murray. They're going to make a big difference in our community. NeighborWorks has a strong track record of revitalizing neighborhoods. I hope Murray residents will take advantage of the loan products and services offered by NeighborWorks Salt Lake." - - Mayor Dan Snarr, Murray City

Specific services available are:

For information about the services provided in Murray, please contact Ashley Reza or Sonya Martinez. You can also visit the Murray office at 4843 Poplar Street (60 East).

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